Donuts and Gunpowder


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Songs that remind us of Vash

If you have any song(s) you wanna request, E-Mail me and i'll post it and give you a credit for your sudggestion!


He's 'a Hummin'!

"People are Strange"- The Doors
"What I've Got"- Sublime
"Hemorrage"- Fuel
"Duck and Run"- 3 Doors Down
"Everybody Hurts" R.E.M.
"Evil Empire"-Rage Agianst the Machine
"Dragula"- Rob Zombie
"It might be Wrong"- Radiohead
"Desert Rose"- Sting
"King Of Pain"- Police
"Imagine"- John Lennon
"How Does it Feel?"- Bob Dylan
"Enter Sandman"- Metallica
"Make Me Bad"- koRn
"Flagpole Sitta"- Harvy Danger
"Witness"- Sarah Mclachlan
"Staring you in the Face"- Eric Stuart
"Time of Your Life"- Green Day
"Break Stuff"- Limp Bizkit
"Original Prankster"- The Offspring
"Sex and Candy"- Marcie's Playground
"Cowboy"- Kid Rock
"Zombie"- Cranberries